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It's easy to purchase anything on this site:

I will do all I can to make your purchase easy and fast, and to make sure you get exactly what you want.

Prices are marked on each page for every available piece. Please:

Make a list of each of the pieces you want. Include names and sizes.

Then email me at:
Lyon (at)


Due to the fact that each piece has an individual weight, Shipping & Handling is different for every piece, especially if you live outside the USA. That's why there are no buy buttons you have to tell me what you want so I can calculate the shipping and handling of the artwork to you.

Items are marked SOLD if the piece is no longer available. If the item is marked SOLD, check to see if there are prints available. You can also refer to any sold piece for the basis of a commission.


I no longer carry prints on this site. If you would like prints of my work, I have over 350 images of which you can get any number of different types of prints: from framed or unframed giclées, posters, and framed and unframed prints on paper - even on metal!


If you see something here that is sold, you can order something like it! Please see the commission page to order your own custom piece of art.

All payments must be USD. You can pay by:
Paypal (for anything under $999)
money orders
bank cheques
credit card through shopping cart
cash (if you're here in person!)
personal check (as long as we know you or you are local to Hawaii)



S & H on originals is different for every piece, especially if you live outside the USA. Please email us at Lyon (at) to find out how much shipping and handling will be for your specific location.

S & H on ebooks:
no charge

Order now!


Please make a list of the paintings, prints or sculpture you'd like to order.

Note the prices.

I need your name, address (including country if outside the USA), and telephone and email address.

Now email your list and your name and contact information to me at this address: Lyon (at) (replace (at) with @ and use no spaces). Or call 808-261-0941.

Please ONLY call between 3pm and 12pm Eastern USA Time (I am in Hawaii, which is 6 hours earlier than NY). Thanks. If you need to find the difference in time, go to the World Clock HERE.

I will get back to you as soon as I can to handle your order, payment details including the shipping and handling rates for your location, and how to send the money.

Thank you! I look forward to working with you to get you what you need!



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