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I get my ideas from the most diverse places. A young girl in a sarong crossing the street who I see in a flash out of the corner of my eye becomes a sculpture.

Or maybe a mother holding a child in a certain way catches me and becomes a painting.

Or a feeling of lonliness and wanting to fly home produces a horse flying free; a color in a sunrise becomes an abstract - these are some of the ways images come to me.

Mainly, I'd say that feelings are the source of my image ideas.

Not sentimentality but deeper, more mysterious feelings - more archetypal.

I just finsihed a painting of a woman riding a strange monstrous-snake thing, into an enormous, inexorable sea of light.

Unbending Intent, perhaps, or She Couldn't Help It, or - it will be titled accordingly.


Images like that come from a place I couldn't identify - I just know it's there, I go there and "see" the vision, and come back with it. Basic Image Retrieval, I suppose.

These designs are not for the faint-of-heart, nor are they the simple-Sunday-afternoon-feel-good kinda look, either.

They tend to whack one a bit, althugh they are certainly not meant to be evil or malicious - it's just that I recognized a long time ago that yin and yang can't live without each other.

If I use one in a piece, without the other, it has no "juice" - and we all know that for a piece of art to work it's gotta have juice!

Does that help?

Comments? I'd love to hear from you - write me at Lyon (at)!




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