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Powerful Women Series!

We Are Me
Oils on Archival Board - 18" x 24" - $7350

Me Times Three
Oils on Archival Board - 24" x 36" - $9450

Made of Day - Oils on Archival Board - 12" x 18" - $5700

Oils and Metallic Pigments on Archival Board - 24" x 36" - $12,000

I'm Listening
Gold Pigment against Black Gesso on Archival Board - 20" x 30" - $8500

Heart to Heart
Oils on Archival Board - 20" x 17" - $2500

Oils on Archival Board - 24" x 24" - $2700


Cool is right! I love it! You captured peace, movement, gracefulness. It is so Present. I like it! - Lynn W., Florida

I just took a look at your beautiful paintings. I must have one of them...They have so much wisdom, beauty and they are important. - Julia N., Germany

Your paintings are ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!! Keep painting! - Nancy H. USA

Seeing your art is inspiring me to put up my gallery of photos--maybe some paintings and prints, too. Thank you for being so big in the world. - JoAnn S. USA

The tiles are wonderful and now the option of returning to your sculpting - dreams coming true. My best wishes for your great success - both in your art and in your practice. - Sharon K. USA

These are the most powerful, incredible women's paintings I've seen in a long time - keep it up! I want the Made of Day one. - Freida M. Australia

When are you coming back to New Zealand for a Sculpture Symposium? We miss you! See you there! - Deloris J. NZ

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